The world we live in now is very different from the one that was even 10-20 years ago. Everything goes into the digital space; metauniverses appear, and material values ​​fade into the background. Whether it’s information. Sometimes a tiny piece of code or someone’s data is worth a fortune.

Given these circumstances, every company should ensure that all important data is kept under lock and key. To do this, there are special services called virtual data rooms. In this article, you will learn how to choose a VDR for your business and which programs you should pay attention to from this category.

What are virtual data rooms, and who needs them?

Virtual data rooms are services similar in structure to conventional cloud storage. Some users think that there is no difference. However, it is not. There are several significant differences, because of which it is worth choosing VDR.

  1. Protection of files from theft by company employees or third parties. According to statistics, the majority of leaks in companies are the fault of the employees themselves. However, sometimes companies introduce their employees to competitors for industrial espionage. VDRs will help you protect yourself from this. Restriction of access, and the inability to download, print, or photograph a file are only the first and most obvious positions.
  2. Encryption is no worse than in the best banks in Switzerland. If some attacker gets a piece of data from the virtual room, it will take him a lot of time to decrypt it. After all, VDRs encrypt data at the level of Swiss banks.
  3. Huge functionality. No cloud can boast such a feature set as VDR. Here you can work with files, send them, have work meetings, conduct transactions, prepare for the company’s entry into the international market, and so on.

Based on this, the virtual data room is a service that will be useful to a wide variety of users, ranging from owners of small companies and especially large holdings. Click here to read more – here you will find many interesting facts about the types of virtual rooms and their benefits.

TOP VDR services for different consumer segments

Virtual data rooms can be more or less suitable for different scales of business and, accordingly, various tasks:

  • DealRoom. This is a rather expensive solution ideal for large transactions in large companies.
  • FirmRoom. An ideal option for small and large businesses, where all the functionality for storing files and working inside the system is provided.
  • Intralinks. A very popular solution for large corporations.
  • Fordata. The mid-budget solution is suitable if you have a small or medium business.

You can also pay attention to such programs as Merrill, Sharefile, Caplinked. Many of the data rooms on the market can be quite inexpensive for your business – worth a try.